Adventurous Mother-Daughter Duo In Majestic Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Adventurous Mother-Daughter Duo In Majestic Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Having an insatiable hunger to travel, Jyotirmayee Mishra is one of those people for whom travelling is a drug. She is a nomad, who considers the world to be an oyster. She has had her travelling bucket list ticked off for almost all the places in India, except Ladakh. But this year, she found her opportunity and instantly enlisted the help of Thrillophilia to plan the trip with our tour package for Ladakh.

Jyotirmayee has traveled all around the globe. Whether it is Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, she has had a solo adventure in every single one of them. But Ladakh was also the dream destination of her mother. Hence, when she joined Jyotirmayee for the trip, this mother daughter duo went all out for their first trip together and had a complete blast up in the mountains!

Leh Calling!

The duo was now on their way to Ladakh via Zoji La after a pleasant stay in Srinagar for about 4-5 days where they decided to explore the adjacent places. With each rising kilometer, the scenery became more magnificent, with the breathtaking snow capped mountain peaks becoming common. On her journey to Leh, she also tried her hands on river rafting, a sport common in the hilly region. The duo couldn’t wait to reach Ladakh, as the tranquil landscapes along the way hinted at how magnificent and beautiful Ladakh would be. With a heart full of joy and enthusiasm, the two continued their beautiful journey towards Leh, a thriving town near the border of Ladakh.

Her happiness knew no bounds when she was finally in Leh after her exhausting journey. Jyotirmayee and her mother were now joined by a party of few, as they traveled about, exploring the nooks and crannies of Leh. They strolled through marketplaces brimming with handicrafts and local products, which were thronged with visitors. Some of these marketplaces were so busy that they were clogging the streets! Leh’s cultural programme, which informed them about Leh’s rich history and tradition, held a special place in Jyotirmayee’s mother’s heart. They both also had the time of their lives when they donned themselves in Ladakhi outfits and took pictures together in the beautiful backdrop.

The Buddhist monasteries in Leh are well known all around the globe. These monasteries are home to a wealth of Buddhist teachings and sermons. The simplest items instill a sense of divinity in anyone who comes into contact with them. After experiencing tranquility at Sanchi Stupa, the duo went to Leh Palace to learn more about the city’s rich history. At last, tired from all the sightseeing, they set out on a journey to the Nubra Valley.

Jyotirmayee found staying at the cottage in the white desert of Nubra to be a nice opportunity to spend some quality time with her mother, as the two gossiped over tea.  The bonfire blazed some pleasant memories with the fellow passengers, the echoing laughter would forever act as a proof of the wonderful time. She also cultivated a friendship with Monica, a Polish tourist, with whom she now shares an incredibly strong relationship. Both Jyotirmayee and her mother retired into their cottages later that night, to prepare for their trip the following morning.

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Jyotirmayee was most enthusiastic about seeing the Pangong Tso Lake. She was fascinated by the scenery, which was extremely stunning, after seeing it in photographs, and it was now time for her to witness it in person. The mother-daughter duo set out for the Pangong Tso Lake, their hearts brimming with excitement. On arrival, the duo were charmed by the scenery of the tall mountains with the combination of the shifting topography. This moment had made its home in her heart forever.

Jyotirmayee sensed peace like she had never felt before. She soon settled in her cozy tent beside the lake. As per her, the finest part of the vacation was gazing at the lake’s azure waters, which changed its colors according to the hues of the sun. She had yearned for this all her life and now when she was finally here, she wanted to freeze this moment and never let it go. She could not get enough of the peace and tranquility that the lake brought to her heart.“The first sight of the calming lake was unforgettable!”, she exclaims, describing the moment she laid eyes on the lake as a once in a lifetime experience.

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But the time she dreaded was finally here. She had to say goodbye to her precious Pangong Tso lake and she wasn’t ready. But if she had to go to Ladakh, her dream destination, she had to do this. So with a heavy heart, she bid her farewell and welcomed the high passes of Ladakh. They climbed into their cars and prepared to embark on an exciting adventure across the signature high passes and breathtaking scenery. Although a few people in the cars began to have breathing issues because of the elevations and the thinning air, Jyotirmayee, on the other hand, had to go through no such hardships. She gives the credit to Thrillophilia for putting oxygen cylinders in the cars, which guaranteed a pleasant drive.

Climbing the enormous Khardung La was one among the most thrilling experiences of her life. She genuinely felt like she was on top of the world as she posed for shots to commemorate her visit to this unbelievable height of 1830 feet. She even got to experience the world class phenomenon of the Magnetic hill. Jyotirmayee could see the end of the road reaching into the horizon, reminding her of the vast distance she had to travel. She felt satisfied after conquering the formidable Chang La, Ladakh’s second highest pass. It has truly been a life changing experience for her, combining all the elements of adventure, peace and self discovery.

Solo Travellers Paradise

Jyotirmayee expresses gratitude to the people of Ladakh and praises their hospitality as she wraps her journey across the Land of High Passes. “If a girl wants to travel solo to Ladakh, she can definitely do it without worrying much about her safety here. The people are welcoming and the place is a safe haven for girls”

Her never ending bucket list covers practically all of the sites of India. But now, she wants to taste the thrill of traveling to North India, which had also been a dream of hers. Thrillophilia wishes her a wonderful and safe journey.