Ashwini In majestic Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Ashwini In majestic Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

“Friendships, not kilometres, are the greatest way to quantify a journey.”

On their exploration of Leh, Ashwini and her companions encountered vistas that managed to enchant them. Flying over the enormous mountains from Delhi to Leh, it looked like a picture from the window right from the start. It felt extremely special since Leh, along with Amsterdam, Seychelles, Paris, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Maldives, and New York, had always been on Ashwini's topmost bucket list. The list is enormous, but she sticks to her mantra: "Explore, Dream, Discover."

At the moment, Ashwini was finally all set to cross Leh.

The Beginning Of Magic

When they were ready to arrive in Ladakh, the first view of the snow-covered heaven made their eyes glitter. Then, when they approach Leh, they are greeted with the iconic mountains with their quiet white faces. The trip to Leh Palace provided a quick overview of the city's history and culture. While the beauty of Leh enchanted them, Ashwini and her companions were taken aback by the city's rich history. It was a fantastic way to start the day and the vacation of a new place.

When this group of friends went to Shanti Stupa, a Gompa perched on a mountaintop, the entire town of Leh can be seen from here, and everything below looks to be as little as ants. "It was so magnificent that I can't express it in words; you simply had to see it...", said Ashwini.

The following morning, the group of friends went to "Sangam," the location where the sacred rivers of Zanskar and Indus converge and merge. From a distance, the two seas are easily distinguishable. Magnetic Hill is an uncommon phenomena that astounds everyone. For the uninitiated, the hill had magnetic qualities that could draw automobiles uphill and force passing planes to rise in altitude to avoid magnetic interference. It was impossible to not take enough shots of the scenery since it was so enticing. "We couldn't stop taking photographs!" Ashwini said, giggling.

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The Prideful Moment

On their way to the land of war, Kargil, the party stopped by the Hall of Fame, where they saw an emotional scene that will stay with us forever- to see and hear the tales of our courageous warriors who have sacrificed their life for their homeland in numerous battles; and the stories of our brave soldiers who have done so much for our nation.

The influence that the quote has, "WHEN YOU GO HOME, TELL THEM OF US & SAY FOR YOUR TOMORROW, WE GAVE OUR TODAY" was a powerful message that no one will forget.

The journey to Nubra Region, a valley with different scenery, began on the third day of the tour. A halt at Khardung La, the world's highest motorable pass, was a welcome break along the way. A sense of accomplishment flooded these youthful souls' brains as they ascended to this level, filling them with pure joy and satisfaction. The roads leading up to Khardung La were breathtaking. Every vantage point offered a breathtaking panorama. Their hotel stay just added to the pleasure. Against the backdrop of the mountains, the resort was surrounded by a wide variety of flowers. It reminded me of the countryside we used to learn to sketch in elementary school.

The village's residents put on a typical live show, which was entertaining. The day was jam-packed with activities! There were camel rides and an ATV bike excursion across the sand dunes. On their journey back from Nubra Valley, Ashwini and her companions stopped at Diskit Gompa, which houses a statue of Lord Buddha. The statue is so large that it can be seen from nearly everywhere in Nubra. "It could be the most beautiful statue I've ever seen," Ashwini commented.

Pangong, The Unreal

The fifth day of the journey needed a visit to Pangong Tso, as the group of friends tried to recuperate from the grandeur they had seen so far. But this was the most anticipated portion, and all four of them were giddy with anticipation. One of the most beautiful areas of the Leh region is Pangong Lake. As the sun moved around in the sky, different colours of Pangong emerged from time to time. Leh is a beautiful place that surrounds itself in white in the winter and disperses into seven colours in the summer. When Ashwini and her pals arrived, they discovered the reason behind this.

She said, "The night was like a dream, when all you could see was a gleaming, sparkling sky. Because the sky is so clear, you'll almost always see falling stars. I was fortunate enough to witness one!"

A visit to the Gurudwara in Leh later in the tour seemed like a godsend, and seeing the warriors of the Indian army serve at Langar added to the experience. The Indian army has gained a new level of admiration. After that, the company went for a tour around the streets of Leh market, where they bought popular Tibetan prayer flags, bracelets, magnets, and other souvenirs.

Ashwini and all her friends posed and performed Kareena Kapoor's scooter scene, as well as the famed bum seats from 3 Idiots, and experienced some of their wildest dreams.

When the journey came to a close, Ashwini and her companions were left with nothing except a sense of fulfilment. This is how locations like Leh-Ladakh make you feel. They instil in you a sense of optimism, motivation, and aspiration, so that when you return home, you are ready to take on the world. A vacation to Leh will provide you much to see, cherish, and bring back. The excursion was much appreciated by Ashwini and her companions. They were extremely enlightened and showed their thanks to Thrillophilia with joy, saying, "The vacation was just AMAZING. This is the nicest trip I've ever taken!"

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