A Love Triangle Between Geetika And Majestic Ladak With Thrillophilia!

A Love Triangle Between Geetika And Majestic Ladak With Thrillophilia!

Moments are what people remember, not years." Ann Beattie

"We invaded someone's private property to pluck and eat plums and green apples. It was a lot more delicious than the ones we'd buy at the market." Such is the story of this couple's admission to the Land of High Passes,

We're pleased to welcome you to Geetika Joshi's Ladakhi travelogue.

Meet Geetika Joshi

Each one of us has a friend or a friend's friend, whose best friends are the feet and the road. We are surprised every time we open our social media profiles to find news from the south, north, west or east that this person is on the road once more. It makes us wonder, how?

Introducing Geetika, the same friend we described so carefully earlier. An avid traveller, Geetika is a corporate trainer by profession. Post her trip to Ladakh, we teasingly asked her if she sleeps with a travel bag packed, and she broke into laughter, "No, but most of my waking hours are spent planning the next one."

On her bucket list are diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, seeing Finland's northern lights or Aurora Borealis, as well as skiing in Austria. Thus, it is not surprising that one of her favorite quotes is, "I love cities I have not been to, and people I have never met."

Starting Out In Love

As a destination, Ladakh has been on our radar for some time, thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. “Seeing the 'lucky travelers' the first time we venture into the Land of the High Passes, Leh-Ladakh, keeps us all hoping that we will soon achieve the same feat.”

In a similar fashion, planning that memorable trip to Ladakh was always on Geetika's mind, so whenever she could, she searched for the best flight deals and package deals. Post her trip; she confided to us, "I always wanted to visit Leh-Ladakh since it is one of India's most picturesque regions." However, it was not easy for her. Having thoroughly researched the various companies offering different packages for Leh and Ladakh, she selected this package from Thrillophilia.

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Ladakh Itinerary

After taking an evening flight from Bhopal to Leh on the 9th of August, 2017, the couple arrived in the Ladakh valley on the 10th of August, 2017. The confession began to unfold on the night of the 9th of August, 2017. Unknowingly to them, Ladakh had begun to form a love triangle between the couple and the Ladakhi culture.

Six nights and seven days later, their confessions took them across the countryside of Leh, the white sands of Nubra, and the blue waters of Pangong Tso. Take a moment to read more about the love story that took place under Ladakh's amber skies.

Leh- Where Everything Began

After a touchdown at Leh's Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, the announcement panel in the aircraft lit up to announce that photos were not permitted at the airport.

Landing in Leh, in itself, is a captivating experience. After we land, we feel the power of the majestic mountains that sit silently on Ladakh's throne, providing a feel of insignificant greed to be part of the landscape.

Geetika and her partner acclimatized in their hotel rooms following their arrival at the airport. The first day was meant for resting bodies since entering Leh brings with it massive changes in altitude and temperature. The lovely couple did, of course, stroll through Leh's lanes, experiencing the local culture while watching the sunset on the city's western front. The following day, the couple visited monasteries and stupas and toured the town, where it seemed time stood still ages ago. Leh is where it all began for the couple.

Continuing To Nubra's White Sands

White sands on Nubra proved that the lovely couple and the Ladakh valley were constantly confessing their love. As of late afternoon on Day 3, the couple traveled from Leh to Hunder via Khardung La (the highest motorable pass in the world).

Nubra Valley was their overnight camp. Geetika and her partner were amazed by the double-humped camels. The duo then took a quick ride on the mystical creature only known to exist in Nubra, a region of northern India.

To Pangong Tso Lake!

At Pangong Tso's quiet lake-side campsite, underneath a blanket of a million stars, the final leg of the confession took place. It was here where some of the most profound confessions were made. Blame the picturesque setting, all out. As the sun rays danced into the blue waters of Pangong Tso Lake, even the turquoise water would change its color over time.

We do not know where else you would prefer to confess your love for Ladakh if this was not the appropriate place for you. Camping overnight, the couple left with the early morning sun the following day for Leh. We ask Geetika about the most noteworthy experience from her trip, and she spontaneously replies that it was "spotting the rainbow at the Pangong Tso Lake".

Their trip ended with a return to Leh, and the couple took a flight back to civilization the next day. In her conversations with Thrillophilia, she emphasized her confession about Ladakh as being just incredible. Further, she says, "Leh was surreal, and photographs cannot fully convey the experience."

From Ladakh, with love.

Word Of Advice!

Truth be told, we are all a little hesitant to openly express our emotions, words or feelings to a place, someone and sometimes even to ourselves. We suggest you first consider these factors given to us by Geetika before professing your love for Ladakh!

  • Wear multi-layered clothing and wear comfortable shoes, preferably sports shoes.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated.
  • It would help if you never rushed into exploring on your first day. Take your time to acclimatize.
  • Lastly, do not expect five-star accommodations. Instead, look forward to falling in love with Nature.

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