Kashmir To Ladakh: Shadab’s Journey Of Self-Discovery With Thrillophilia!

Kashmir To Ladakh: Shadab’s Journey Of Self-Discovery With Thrillophilia!

"Every man has the power to change the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure," writes Irving Wallace, describing how Shadab took a break from his mundane life to pursue his long-held ambition.

Mumbai-based Shadab Inamdar describes himself as a powerful individual who gets lost in his own La La Land on a regular basis. Shadab, who was always on the hunt for new places to visit, had been waiting for his chance to visit the Kashmir Valley and the Land of High Passes, Ladakh, for quite some time. Hearing stories and seeing images of these lovely sites from his friends and bloggers further fueled his resolve to visit Jammu and Kashmir and learn about its cultural intricacies.

No Journey Is Easy!

Shadab, who was first hesitant to travel due to his body weight, had a difficult road ahead of him. The desire to travel can motivate you to do things, and Shadab's desire to travel led him to lose 10 kg and feel comfortable in his own skin. He also praises his wife for being a strong moral supporter and for accompanying him and pals on their dream bike journey to Ladakh.

The wait was worth it when he realized he was finally making it to the gorgeous land of Ladakh through Throllophilia after all his hard work and efforts. However, the customary mayhem in Mumbai remained a mystery until he and his wife arrived at the airport to board their flight to Srinagar. Just when they believed everything was going smoothly, the flight landed in Jammu owing to terrible weather, leaving the eager tourists stuck. They could now fly back for free, but it was their determination that drove them to trek to Kashmir in an overnight cab ride.

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Eid Special

In Srinagar, the day began with a calming Azaan. That day was Eid, which added to the excitement for Shadab and his companions as they visited the bustling metropolis of gardens and lakes. By the evening, they'd been introduced to their bikes, which they'd be riding to Ladakh. Shadab and his pals were ecstatic to get their hands on these devices.

As the company started off for Kargil the next morning, they were brimming with energy. The excursion was exciting since the mountains greeted the guests with lush foliage and streams frequently crossed their route to say hello. The roads leading to Kargil were well-built, and the scenery was breathtaking. It had been a hard trek across the mountains, and a restful night's stay was required at that hour.

Leh Go!

The visitors were looking forward to departing for Leh the next morning. The vistas en route to Leh were so picture-perfect, as Shadab describes, that he couldn't put his camera away for a while! Shadab and his companions were humbled by the kind welcome they received from the people when they arrived in Leh. Being in Leh was a life-changing event for Shadab, who had long wished to see the picturesque city.

It was Day 4 of the journey, and Leh had lots to offer to the visitors. The quaint city saw routine hubbub as Shadab and his fellow travellers went around exploring places, tasting local delicacies and exploring the markets which had a lot of silver ornaments to offer to female visitors.

From Leh, they headed to the picturesque Pangong Tso, which changed its hues according to the sunlight in the backdrop of the mountains. The lake was so perfect that Shadab could not hold himself back from plunging himself into it despite the chilling cold water. The picturesque lake was not just an epitome of beauty; it also offered places to have fun. After clicking pictures at the “3 Idiots” chair and scooter, everyone had an amazing time camping opposite the Lake.

The Cold Deserts

Shadab and his companions set off for the Nubra Valley the next morning. Shadab was enchanted by the excursion because the dramatic shift of scenery was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They arrived in the icy desert of Hunder after passing over snow-capped hills and freezing-cold lakes. Everyone dressed up in their best local garb and took pictures. In this desert, they also noticed double-humped camels. The night stay in Hunder was incredible, as the desert camps provided the ideal setting for late-night conversations and fun with friends.

The scenery changed frequently on the drive from Nubra Valley to Leh, keeping the riders enthralled. Shadab was currently enjoying a lovely sabbatical. Despite extensive travel times, there was no exhaustion. “Being in the midst of nature was a genuinely relaxing experience — one that I desperately needed after spending so much time in the ever-bustling city of Mumbai.”

They left Leh early the next morning to drive to Sarchu. On the trip to Sarchu the next day, the weather had turned frigid. Shadab and his pals were nestled in tents at Sarchu after completing a distance of 255 kilometres and experienced snowfall in the region, which was an extraordinarily cold but enjoyable event.

Shadab and his wife were rejuvenated the next morning when they awoke to clouds around their tents. They set out on their journey to Jispa. The route to Jispa was in outstanding shape, allowing Shadab to fully utilize the power of his motorcycle as it screamed through the mountains. As they rode past the famed Rohtang Pass on their way to Manali, the road ahead was smooth and delighted the visitors. They had enough time in Manali to visit the local marketplaces, buy handicrafts, and sample local delicacies.

Shadab and his other travellers finished their tour by taking a bus from Manali to Delhi. The adventurer in Shadab is now planning to go on the Chadar Trek, which is the ultimate objective of any Indian adventurer.