Priyanka Conquering The High Peaks Of Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Priyanka Conquering The High Peaks Of Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Mumbai-based Priyanka Saboo is always a hoot when she's with her friends. When it was time to head to the hills, she realised she couldn't do it alone. Priyanka, a postgrad in Designing, enjoys breaking out of the routine and gaining new experiences. She's been to tourist spots like Goa, Bangalore, Coorg, Rishikesh, Bali, and Singapore in her desire to reach this goal. It was only a matter of time before a trip to the Himalayas was added to her list of places to visit, and the choice to go to Ladakh with her friends was the best. She planned a vacation with Thrillophilia and embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with her friends.

She chose the land of high passes Ladakh as her next stop because of the terrain's uniqueness. Ladakh's beauty, which would include unique flora and fauna, snow-capped peaks, lush greenery, and endlessly gushing rivers, was one reason why this was perhaps the most exciting destination to explore.

Let The Trip Begin !

From Delhi, the five best friends boarded a bus for Manali, where they expected to arrive the next day. Their morning began with a hearty meal, followed by a trip to Mall Road, where they went shopping and learned more about Himachali culture. Manali had them captivated by food, but the experience had only begun! They drove to Jispa from Rohtang Pass and Ravi Nala, stopping to admire the 20-foot-high snow walls that lined their route on either side. Jispa was bitterly cold, and also the tents they slept in were set up right in front of the water, offering them a true sense of being enveloped in nature. Priyanka's nails ended up turning pink from the cold.

A million stars shined brightly above them as they went to sit on rocks in a river and let the water sweep over their knees. Prior to the journey to Leh the following morning, it was a much-needed moment of peace.

There was a lot to be seen on the way to Leh, from the beautiful scenery to the well-known tourist destinations. As enchanting as Suraj Tal, the pristine lake was incredibly beautiful. The friends were mesmerised by the constantly shifting scenery throughout their trip. Tanglang La, Ladakh's second-highest pass, was a challenge to cross because of the harsh weather and low oxygen levels, but that didn't stop the group from enjoying their trip here anyway. As soon as they arrived in Leh, it was time to get used to the altitude and wait until the next day, when they would begin the exhilarating tour of the region.

A Rainbow Of Emotions

A new day in an unfamiliar locality implied an outing to explore Leh's culture, and the travel companions were eager to get out of the hotel and explore. In the Hall of Fame, they were taken on a unique journey through the history of the city. Priyanka reminisced about her past as she hummed "Ae Watan" throughout the journey.

The sacred Pathar Sahib Gurudwara would be the next stop on our spiritual awakening. A great many people had told her about the Sikhs' dedication and compassion, and this was the first time she had actually seen it for herself! It was an entirely new experience to eat Langar. After this, they fell madly in love with this location because of the peacefulness and morality that inspired it.

Priyanka and her best friends seemed eager to leave in the morning today as they prepared to visit Nubra Valley. While driving to Nubra, best friends hopped out of the car to take photographs at Khardung La, bringing all of them a "top of the world" experience that they couldn't get anywhere else. The weather was bitterly cold, and the friends couldn't resist trying to play in it. Their childhood memories were revived, and they realised how important it was to be close to nature now more than ever before.

As soon as the friends arrived in Hundar, the snow-covered landscape abruptly transformed into a desert! When Priyanka saw the camel, she was awed by its beauty, but it was the ride on the ATV in the white desert that built Hundar an enthralling experience for her. After the power went out at 7.30 p.m. the group stayed up playing cards having a good time.

Relaxing By The Pangong Lake

Pangong Tso, a saltwater lake in Ladakh, was the day's destination for our group of friends following an amazing night back in Nubra. As the lake's waters shifted hues, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of divinity. It was breathtaking to see the crystal-clear waters set against the majestic peaks in the distance. A photo shoot by the lake was followed by a visit to the local public school, in which the film "3 Idiots" was shot. An intriguing part of the trip was engaging with the local folks and learning about their culture.

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After spending a night in Leh, the friends went shopping. The jewellery and handicrafts on display at the marketplaces charmed the girls in the group. Priyanka, who has a preference for silver jewellery, decided to buy it for herself after seeing it at almost every shop. Strolling through Leh's thriving yet peaceful streets and meeting the warm and welcoming people left an unforgettable impression on the girls.

Priyanka needed a break from her daily routine, and Ladakh came to her rescue. She will cherish this trip for a very long time.