Adventurous Leh Trip Of Seema With Thrillophilia!

Adventurous Leh Trip Of Seema With Thrillophilia!

It's nearly impossible to beat boredom, so you look forward to the weekend's groove to lift your spirits. Therefore, you get Monday blues and your boredom graph spikes while waiting for another weekend to sit in the bar, talk to your friends and have fun. The cycle never ends, does it?

However, what if you took another route and instead of being in a rut, you made a switch in your life for the next ten days? How would this affect your life? As Seema puts it, "The 12-day trip I took, bestowed me with truckloads of memories that even though it has been a year, I am still thinking about the trip like it was just yesterday."

Getting Started

Hyderabad-based Seema Gattani is a professional. Last summer, she booked a trip with Thrillophilia, and within a month, she was on a plane to India's north for the ultimate Manali to Leh trip. “Everyone loves Leh, regardless of who they are and where they are from. Leh is one of the most sought-after destinations of the country for the natural beauty of the place, the starry skies, high elevations, pristine lakes, and cold climate. Considering the fact that I cannot stop talking about the highest passes, the icy weather and the most adventurous roads, you could call me an enthu cutlet. I was tripping solo, and I couldn't be happier!"

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Ready- Set- Go!

As soon as I descended into beautiful Manali from Delhi, I knew the adventure had begun. Along with my fellow adventurers, I went paragliding and quad biking in the Solang Valley. A natural hot spring is something I have always been fascinated by, and I finally saw one at the Vashisht Temple. Obviously, I had to purchase souvenirs, so I shopped at the market in the evening and was exuberant and excited for my upcoming stay in Leh.

A Look Ahead

Within the next two days, we explored the valleys from Manali to Leh. After leaving Manali by bus, Seema traveled through Khoksar, Marhi, Gulaba, and the virgin Lahaul Valley. "The views were incredible. It's hard to believe that this place exists in India because we look at photos from outside the country and fail to realize that there is so much here. We reached Jispa in the evening and had dinner under the starry night sky."


Seema reached Sarchu after crossing spectacular locations such as Zing Zing Bar Darcha and Bara-lacha La. “The night I slept in Sarchu, I knew that tomorrow would be the day I would finally reach Leh, only one step away. I could feel my heart thumping against my chest as I woke up in the morning.

I could see the landscape change dramatically as we began our trip to Leh, the land of high passes. While hiking, we stopped by Gata loops, Lachung La, and Nakee La, to get the best shots. My pictures are nowhere near as beautiful as what I saw in person! My last leg of the journey was Rumtse and Pang, and I eventually reached Leh that evening. Needless to say, I was the happiest and the most thrilled individual in the group of travellers.”

A Day of Excursions

Following breakfast, Seema headed towards the famous Sham Valley, which included a Gurudwara, the Ladakh Hall of Fame, and the delightful confluence of the Indus River and its tributary, Zanskar. “My first experience with river rafting was scary at first, but I was gradually won over by the water and enjoyed every moment of it!"

“My journey took me to Magnetic Hills, where I witnessed first-hand the magic of the hills attracting vehicles towards them. I know there is science behind this but let's not lose sight of the excitement of seeing vehicles move on their own, even in neutral!”

Nubra Dunes

On the seventh day, Seema and her co-travellers journeyed through the world's highest motorable pass, Khardung La, before visiting the Diskit Monastery for an eternal view of Nubra Valley. It was Seema's pleasure to experience a camel ride in the nubra valley, among the white sands and bare mountains. Seema and fellow travellers sat around a bonfire as the sky darkened and shared their travel tales while the dark sky watched them.

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Dive Into Blue

“Later that day, the tour guide took all of us to the most scenic destination: Pangong Tso Lake. Upon reaching the lake, we stayed at the camps set up near the Shyok river. For life, if I had the opportunity to stay near the scenic Pangong Tso Lake, I would choose to do so due to its ethereal beauty, majestic mountains, and the pristine blue water surrounding it. Since the water was too cold to jump into, I rested my feet in the lake for a while. During the night, I saw the moon shining brightly in the water, and I knew that I was here exactly at the right time, at the right place!”

Upshi and Jispa

With her travel companions, Seema and her co-travellers enjoyed the beauty of Upshi in the last days of the trip and stopped at the highest cafes on Chang La top along the way. Having left Upshi, she traveled to Jispa. From the mountains, she slowly gained access to the plains of Pang. The epic solo journey of Seema ended with her return to Manali after an overnight stay at the camps arranged by the company.

What Was It Like?

"I definitely would revisit whenever I get a chance to do so. The tour was pleasurable from start to finish, and the team took great care of our leisure, convenience, comfort, and safety. It was a great trip covering all the key attractions along the way. I was very impressed with the quality of the hotel, food, and service. The drivers were friendly, and the tour operators were courteous. This was a trip I will remember for a lifetime!!"

“It is amazing how well I recall everything after returning from the trip. The hospitality, the people, the weather, and simplicity just took my breath away! Leh's divinity and peace are indeed unmatched!”

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