Solo Traveler Poonam in the majestic valleys of Leh with Thrillophilia!

Solo Traveler Poonam in the majestic valleys of Leh with Thrillophilia!

Your daily routine may make you feel stuffed and lifeless. You may desire to take a break when needed. You want to keep from mundane tasks and get into excitement. Let’s learn about the central character of the tale, Poonam, an entrepreneur from Mumbai. She is a sightseer and bibliophile by mind and values catching something more than peaks and ridges. She says that she loves to go on trips with her colleagues and buddies, she doesn’t add any limitations to it.

You can call to trek or can label along to a site you desire to move to. It could be surfing the wilderness, hiking a peak, or visiting the shores. She is an obsessive tourist, and she swore to travel each month from 2018.  She has this mindset, and she arrived across the trek agents that offered her multiple packages online.

Poonam always wants to go to places that soothes her soul and this time she decided to go on an adventurous trip to the one and only Leh!

As mentioned earlier, she is a bookworm and wanderer by heart. This girl leans on digging art, civilization, and roots in a special place itself. She doesn’t need any notebook or route map to transit and finagled the Leh tour as per her choice. She met a team of co-travelers, both pro, and rookie to allow her to convey her travel sagas. She reached across a cluster of co-travelers and made chums with these people.

How Did She Plan The Leh Trip?

Poonam and her fellows anchored in Leh. The team took the time to get habituated to the high peaks of the cliff. They also had an opportunity to go to the nearby market and local town. She had a fixation for roots and civilization that lured her to the Shanti statue.

It’s one of the well-liked sports in the townley that presents you with a scenic vista of the town.

She claims that Shanti Stupa was built by a Japanese association and got the lead of Nakamura. It lies above the Changspa valley, where the village provides tourists with a bird’s eye view and has a stunning side with a hint of Japanese delicacy.

She got time to go to the leftovers of the Leh Palace. She got to collect some shots of an age-old costume, formal outfit, and other gems of the Leh glorious site.

It provided her with a plate of nutritious feed, with sights offering a relaxing environment on a fine day.

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Second Day At The Magnetic Cliff

The second morning of the tour rolled in, and Poonam and her pals made their path to the well-liked Magnetic ridge. It was not conceivable to the minds and eyes, both of them felt the presence of an irresistible force.

After getting a plate of food, Poonam and her pals rushed to the most well-adorned magnetic cliff. The car initiated moving in a neutral tone due to external stimulants. This girl had the luck to see it herself, as she shared this amazing sight with her fellow travellers.

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Poonam said that after a visit to the palace of fame, “It’s a museum designed for the soldiers of the Kargil strife.” Poonam strolled 8km from the Spituk Gompa to Leh, positioned on the cliff.

After getting the buff for a while, it offered the team some time. The crew arrived at the conjunction of Zanskar and Indus. The peak point of the trek seemed to be the rafting experience at Zanskar. It became a prime time for her trip and set the right tone for her.

Third Day At The Nubra Valley

It took three days for the actual trip to initiate. Poonam and the team went back to the Nubra valley, which is just 160 km from the town, and offers tourists with high cliffs and a cold desert.

It took the crew to the largest motorable streets Khardung La. It took some moments for them to realize that she was standing and breathing. They found that the air was fresh and they had difficulties expressing themselves. The valley is known for their adventurous camel rides and she got the chance to take a ride on these beautiful cold desert creatures.

The Fourth And Fifth Days At The Pangong Tso

The path from Nubra to Pangong Tso seems to be the most planned one. It compels every team of trekkers to stop for about five minutes and capture shots of the world around them.

It tells that most ads and movies get shot in the calm atmosphere of Pangong Tso.

Poonam took moments to learn that it was the place where her most well-liked film got shot, including the famous 3-Idiots, which made this place more special to her, as the movie is one of her favourites as well.

She saw the entire galaxy and hundreds of small stars with her eyes glistening with the shine of the amazing stars above her. Besides, the team dined with marmots encompassing the tent, which made her feel that she can’t have the same experience elsewhere.

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Last Moment Sightseeing

As the trip was at its end, the crew took the chance to visit Thiksey Gompa and Chang La. It seems to be the most luring and impressive Gompas in Leh, according to Poonam. It also comes with many local temples, and Buddha's wall paintings and bears the highest statue of the Lord.

Poonam took a shot from Shey Gompa in Leh, from where she could witness some snow-covered cliffs and grasslands. It bore the river Indus in one snapshot, which she cherishes till today, as her phone wallpaper.

Advice From Poonam

Poonam advises that individuals wondering about Leh should bear the following things-

  • Learn about the days of the trip and make a plan.
  • If the local food store doesn’t satisfy you, you can Google food stores.
  • Take time to learn about the apt atmosphere to carry your outfits.
  • Get to know the Leh gems as it will add stories to the voyage.

Poonam thinks of the time she had with her co-travelers, she quotes, “It was an unforgettable trip!”

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